Even a casual glance around tells us something is not quite right in the world today. Things seem to be spinning out of control. More and more people find themselves facing the future with anxiety and confusion. Everything around us seems to be in an unstoppable downward spiral that is fast approaching its end. Where is this world headed? How will it end? The growing trend of terrorism, greed, civil unrest, and violence is in the news everyday. The steady decline of moral values in society is dissolving families before our very eyes. Not even the best selling self help books can give us the answers to these perplexing dilemmas. You won’t find the solutions from a self proclaimed expert either.


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So on what do we put our hope in for a better tomorrow? God’s word, the Bible, pulls aside the curtain and reveals that our world is involved in a cosmic struggle between good and evil. Do you want to know how this struggle began? What the issues are? How we are involved? And how it will end? To obtain not only a better understating of the world today, but a well founded hope for a brighter tomorrow we recommend the awesome book titled Darkness Before Dawn